A high-level reporting dashboard, customizable workflow, automated appeals processing... efficientC ® delivers the tools and analytics needed for immediate improvement in GDRO, cash flow, aging, write offs, FTE allocation and rebilling costs.

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efficientC claims management system is a full service software as a service (SaaS) offering from OS inc., replacing clearinghouse, claim scrubber, claim edits and denial management systems. Designed with the end-user in mind, navigation is simple and intuitive, while performance is unmatched. The result is faster processing, elimination of denials, quicker payments and a shorter claim cycle.



Our clients can’t stop talking about the impact efficientC has on their A/R.

Starting Quotes efficientC has proven a success in reducing A/R and denials. It allows us to allocate staff time to the things we never got to before. I am very happy with the decision we made. Also very grateful for the smooth transition and expertise of the OS inc. staff, they are wonderful to work with. Ending Quotes

- Sheila Longhenry
Director of Patient Financial Services

Starting Quotes OS Inc. is passionate about achieving our goals. Our cash collections were about $800,000 - $900,000, but now it's nearly 1.4 million. Ending Quotes

- Tracy Bauer
Midwest Medical Center CEO

Starting Quotes It's been great working with everybody on the OS staff. They are always looking one step ahead when it comes to system enhancments and eliminating denials. The technology is great! Ending Quotes

- Nicole Querio
Revenue Cycle Director


In order to keep your days in the 30s, you need a high percentage of your claims paid in an average of a 15 day window. efficientC gets 95% of claims paid in less than 20 days by using targeted reports to get to the source cause of denials, and those reports are integrated back to the claim edits.


Learn how efficientC offers all of the functionality needed to shorten the claim cycle and increase cash flow. Everything is built-in, easy to navigate and accessible whenever needed. Watch our on-demand demo.

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